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re: Ravencraft

((This will be a post about a few of my own characters and their backstories.))


The Fall of Gilneas 

Tyffani and her mother, Relarra sat, huddled in the basement of the small home that she shared with her mother and father in Gilneas. Their home was with in the merchant square, as they had a small shop upstairs where they tended to sell gizmos and toys of sorts on the main floor of their home. But the pristine little shop that belonged to the Ravencrafts was in a state of complete disarray. Where a shelf full of small delicate contraptions once sat, now a smashed pile of metal and wood sat. The counter where the til was kept was completely on it's side. The door of the basement was under attack by a trio of worgen, intent upon getting in at the two women with every fiber of their being, it seemed. Tyffani could hear their claws scraping at the seemingly fragile wooden door leading down the staircase. 

Suddenly, the worgen burst through, Teeth glistening, claws flashing, dark fur bristled. They lunged at the two women, who were now on their feet. Relarra sent a flash of flame at the beasts, managing to nail one dead in the chest. It fell to the ground, a smoking hole in it's sternum. The other two snarled angrily at this, and lunged. One of them Caught Tyffani by her left fore arm, and the other knocked Relarra to the ground, now on top of her. Tyffani sent a blast of flame into the worgen that grasped her arm so tightly, but it didn't seem to bother it. It only growled more ferociously and began to drag her away. Tyffani screamed, terrified, as her mother sent an almighty blast of flame into the worgen that remained on top of her. The worgen was blown back, though it could hardly be caleld a worgen now. What remained was a charred husk that resembled a worgen. Her mother raced after her, but the worgen was now dragging Tyffani out the door of the shop, into the street where more raging worgen and panicked Gilneans ran amok. Relarra got to the door of the shop in time to see the worgen drag Tyffani into an alley way. She charged after her, robes flapping ridiculously as she pursued the beast. She roudned the corner to find more worgen, too many.. The worgen who had grabbed her daughter remained still apart from it's group, however and Relarra took advantage of this. She managed to nail it with a fireball to the face, making it drop her daughters now torn up arm. Tyffani groaned in pain as she tried to get up and way from the beasts. Her mother pulled her away and into a nearby cellar, barricading the door as she did. Tyffani looked at her mother in awe. She and her mother were both Fire witches, but her own ability seemed moot in comparison to her mother's. The human woman seemed stronger than ten men as she hefted barrels and barrels of wine from with in the cellar in an attempt to barricade them in. Once she was satisfied, she turned to her daughter. 

"Let me see it." she demanded, holding out her hand toward Tyffani's torn up arm. She was bleeding quite badly. She pressed on it in a few areas, and Tyffani winced, biting her lips in an attempt not to cry out. 

"This needs to be seen to.. immediatly.." Relarra seemed to be considering something.

"We have no healers or doctors, mother..." Said Tyffani sounding stressed as the blood still flowed fairly freely from the wound. Relarra took her daughter's arm into her hands firmly, "You're right. We have one option. This is going to hurt." She let go of her arm for a moment, tearing off a portion of her robes, and pushing it into Tyffani's face, "Bite this." she told her, and realization came across Tyffani's features, as well as dread. She took the cloth into her free hand and stuffed it into her mouth, and looked away. 

Relarra gripped Tyffani's hand in on hand, and held the other over the bleeding bite wound. A small flame appeared in her palm. She compelled it to shoot out, searing the already damaged flesh on her daughters arm. Tyffani whined, unable to contain herself. The pain was unbearable. 

Tyffani fainted.


Hours later.. perhaps days? She wasn't sure. Tyffani awoke in what was possibly the most uncomfortable position she could imagine. She had been stuffed into a broom closet of sorts. Her arm burned as she moved, and feeling of it, she found it to be bound in cloth, presumably torn from her mother's robes. She felt around until she found a door knob, and managed to let herself out. She immediately regretted it. The scene before her was a cellar full of smashed wine casks and barrels, and the floor was covered in a combination of rancid booze and... blood. 

Tyffani retched. Panic flooded her mind as well as anxiety. 

Then something began to happen. As her emotions over took her, her bones began to shift and crack in their sockets. She looked at her hands in panic to realize they were growing redish colored fur, and her fingers were growing claws. She hunched over as more fur began to cover her skin, and her robes began to rip. 

The next thing she knew was she needed to escape. Escape, escape, escape. Her panicked mind threw her onto all fours, where she sprinted from the cellar, now consumed by her panic and anxiety.


She didn't fully know it yet, but her life had just been changed indefinitely. She had been given the purity, whether she had wanted it or not.


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re: Ravencraft



A high pitched squeal could be heard bouncing off the trees, followed by a brief struggle. With in the brush, a worgeness sat back on her haunches, examining her kill. Tyffani had taken down a small buck, and the smell of it’s dampened fur and blood filled the air. She licked her claws and her lips, cleaning them of debris before carefully removing the hide of the creature. She was glad that Paige had taken the time to teach her how to skin with her claws before she had left. Not that even her cousin had been verbally informed of her departure.


Tyffani departed without really any real notice. She had left a quickly scrawled note pinned to a tent in Duskwood for her pack, but the wind would carry it away before it could be read, to drifting on the wind to who knows where. Tyffani had not felt a need to do more than leave a note, as her absence was often felt by her pack regardless, due to her wanderlusting nature. This however, would have been an extended leave, so she had thought it appropriate to leave something behind. Despite this, she still expected a heated berating from Paige when she returned. Paige was only her cousin, but she, like Tyffani, was one of only three known remaining Ravencrafts. This meant that Paige was fiercly protective of Tyffani especially, Though she didn’t understand why. Tyffani wasn’t even the youngest of the trio, with Paige being the oldest and Nyxel being the youngest. But Nyxel often refused to be found until she wanted to be, and was independent almost to an annoying degree.


So it ended that Paige and Tyffani would stay close by each other, never more than a town or two apart. This was different though. Tyffani had felt something. A calling? Like a string was attached to somewhere in her sternum, and it was being tugged by a great primal force.. She knew this force, though she had never been face to face with it before. This was a presence that all worgen felt.. The great wolf spirit, Goldrinn, or as those of Kalimdor often called him, Lo’gosh.


Tyffani quickly finished up skinning the young buck, hanging the hide on a dead tree to be scrapped. She worked to get the stag butchered before any other curious wildlife came investigating.


When she had finished and eaten what she could, she carefully wrapped the remains in Leaves and fabric, and carefully placed a time freeze on the venison. She would then place it in her bottomless pouch at her side, magically stretching the mouth of the back so all could fit, but returning to the size of a small penny pouch, at least to the naked eye. Despite the fact that she didn’t like being called a mage anymore, the mage magic she had learned was often too useful to ignore.


Tyffani would then continue her trek on foot, feeling it should be done this way, rather than flying to the peak on the back of her firehawk. She trecked slowly toward the shrine of Goldrinn. Overhead, a storm brewed, and Tyff knew she’d need to find shelter soon.


She found herself with in a cave near the shrine, choosing not to visit it until the morning, when the storm would have hopefully cleared. She made a fire and sat huddled next to it for a few hours, entertaining herself by playing with the flames a bit here and there until she eventually fell asleep.

In her dreams, she found herself at the top of a mountain looking out over Azeroth. The wind was calm, just enough for the breeze to be comfortable. It was night time in her dream, and the full moon’s light filtered through the clouds down onto her fur.

“You’ve finally come here.. But I sense much uncertainty with in you.” Said a strong, deep voice. Tyffani turned, and saw the great wolf ancient, sitting on the peak with her, only his silhouette being discernable, his back to the moon. His eyes glowed with a fury that was quieted by his current calm. The wolf ancient didn’t seem angry with her, or happy to see her, it seemed he had been expecting her.

Tyffani began to speak, but was cut off, “You are unsure your powers as a witch aren’t enough, or do not fit in with your own pack.” the wolf ancient cocked his head. Down at her, then looked to an empty spot on the peak. A figure manifested itself there. The figure looked up. It was.. Herself. Tyffani looked to Goldrinn in confusion, opening her mouth to ask a question that would not come to her lips.

“You hold yourself back, you know..” Said the great wolf spirit.

The clone suddenly attacked Tyffani, moving with such speed she almost didn’t see it coming. Tyffani Immediately cast fire at the clone, the fireball missing it’s face by mere inches.

“You’ve known fire all your life, since you were small and with out the purity… But what if I told you that you are holding yourself back?” said Goldrinn, as she dove to avoid the clones counter attack, Several lances of ice. “I know frost magic, though!” she barked back at the ancient, forgetting for a moment the respect he commanded. The clone was fast, and managed to take her off guard while she had spoke. Managing to close in too quickly and get a gash in with it’s claws, making a nasty three clawed mark on her exposed left side. She quickly teleported across the peak, blinking away from her attacker as she clutched at the wound, blood pouring from it. She turned with a rage, as the clone came at her once again, frost coating it’s claws, making for an even finer point on them than was already present in a worgen’s claws. Tyffani’s entire body tensed as the clone closed in, and she shouted, “NO!” as she pushed the clone back with an invisible force. The clone was pushed of the peak by it. Tyffani looked at her clawed hands, one covered in blood with sheer bewilderment. She didn’t know what spell that was, or what it had manifested, wind, telekinesis? She walked over, her hand having returned to her side where the gash was, as she looked over the edge of the peak. The clone was gone.

Goldrinn spoke, “You came to me with uncertainty… Do you not see your own power?” Tyffani turned to face him, “What… was that?” she asked.

Goldrinn’s great head looked to the moon for a moment before answering, “Some would call it shamanism. You’ve been communing with the elements for a while now, or at least, an element. The Lantern at your side.. Cast it aside. Smash it.”

Tyffani looked down at the faintly glowing lantern, it’s dull reddish hue illuminating little this night. She took the lantern in her hands, “But… He’s been with me for so long.” she countered, looking in at the tiny fire elemental with in. “He is bound to you, whether you realize it or not. By smashing the lantern, you will set him free, and by extension, yourself. Focusing on fire has made you fiercely proficient in it.. But has left your other skills lacking. You’ve had tunnel vision.” Goldrinn looked straight at her, “If you wish to be free, you will smash that lantern.”

Tyffani gave the lantern a last look. The tiny fire elemental with in looked out at her, and seemed ready. She lifted the lantern above her head, and with an almighty shout, thrust the lantern at the ground with all her might. The ornate lantern shattered on the ground, creating a small fire for a moment. The fire them seemed to gather itself, and without warning, seemed to disappear all together. Tyffani looked back up at Goldrinn. She could see the approval in his eyes as things began to go black. “You will do great for your pack and coven, Tyffani Ravencraft…” she heard the great ancient say as she was taken away from the vision.

Tyffani found herself on the cave floor she’d fell asleep on, next to her campfire that had long gone out. Beside her she found her lantern, smashed, just as in her dream. She made to gather her things.



Tyffani arrived at the shrine not long after. Though she understood that the dream vision she had experienced was what she had come for, she still visited the shrine. She left much of her fresh kill from the day before, Silently thanking the mighty wolf ancient for the vision, and the clarity it had brought her. She’d then return to her coven, her head held high.

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